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Duck Shooting


Latin Name:
Anas platyrhynchos[

Mallard Duck life-cycle
Like most duck species, there is a big difference in the way males (drakes) and females (hens) look. In order to attract a hen, the drake is much more colourful. For most of the year, he has a shiny green head, a white-ringed neck, brown chest and grey sides. The drake mallard also sports a brown back, black rump and tail.

The hen, on the other hand, is much less colourful. Her feathers are white and brown, which helps her blend in with her wetland surroundings. However, like the drake, she does have white and blue colouring on the speculum of her wings.

Mallard duck eggs usually hatch from late April to late May. Under the guidance of their mother, they learn to avoid predators and feed. After about two months, ducklings usually have full-grown feathers and are already flying.

Duck Flighting
The anticipation of the first ducks of the evening flight arriving has the pulse racing!
We have four separate duck flight ponds which offer great sport during the season.
Never tried it? Now is the time! We offer very reasonable rates per Duck Flight, give it a try!

Wild Duck shooting on 4 different flight ponds.
50 per gun per flight.

Mallard Hen and Drake

Duck Flight Pond Number 1

Duck Flight Pond Number Two

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